dont awaken the kraken

announcement, announcement, even with the last minute proposal and slideshows me and julie came up with, mediocre presentation skills but fab outfits, we made it to the SMRT finals. another shot at the thousand grand baby!

i told you we’re a force to be reckon with

yes, i know all of you are now hot and bothered by franco winking. relax

i feel like im choked up with assignments that only i can sphere-head. theres alot to be done and groupmates refusing to meet up or refusing to give a shit is pissing the hell out of me. so i cant be with you guys for 1 damn meeting. so what? just go meet up and try solve problems between you guys first. when i finally get a breather then i’ll come down. damnit!  must every damn problem have to be solved under my supervision/ presence?

this can all be done if i wasnt such a nice, level headed person. i am trying very best to not show how much of a bitch i can become. but everyone know bitches get things done

dont awaken the kraken youknawhamsayin’? if you guys manage to get this zen being transform into a flaming firecrotch, theres no turning back


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