offensive and i dont even care

i like them better than the “golden trio

what is up with teenagers getting pregnant nowadays? and majority of them belong to the malay category. i dont know how i feel about this

may be i feel like

seriously girls. birth control pills. ever heard of those? yeah they have those at pharmacy’s

also, havent you guys seen teen mom or 16 and pregnant? come on girls, time to wake up

maybe some of you are going to say that im  insensitive or whatever the hell but really? get a life. whatever these girls did, they did it to themselves. its not a matter of dignity or whatever, i dont care if you are going to have sex with whoever you want to. the least you can do is ensure that youre not creating a new life that you know you cant support

that thing living inside you is going to cost. and being a teen, barely getting income and living under your parents roof, what in hell made you think having sex with a condom is alright? we all know condoms arent exactly fullproof

im not sorry if youre offended


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