i like to keep people at arms length

hi mods

yes, i have changed the email to


why? bulleted points please

  • the old email annoys people, because they always get it wrong
  • i wanted to cater to the corporate side, if you will. name@hotmail.com, its clear cut
  • i want the list to consist of people i actually do talk to (and enjoy the process) and not just a whole bunch of people i just added for the sake of adding, accumulated over the years

and in this way, i get to keep people at arms length

also im watching glee religiously. now that i taped every episode

i am obsessed with this baby angel

not usually the types id go damp for (the rugged good looks, gruff voice, beast etc) but hes just so adorable! give me my moment okay

pucks hot too (mark salling)

everyone should watch glee. even you

oh the things id give up to be any of them


2 Responses to i like to keep people at arms length

  1. Fizzyfiiz says:

    I…heart/love/can die for/am in awe of GLEE!!!!!

  2. rediscoveraisyah says:

    I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that kurt, baby angel!

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