everyone judge, everyones judged

that is perfection

hey hey, relax, dont get crazy that i have fallen for society’s demand for perfection. i cant help myself, moms

im fasting for the whole month

and dont got telling me that you can be healthy and happy at any size or to love your body or treat your body with respect and love you for who you are or all that bullshit. it doesnt work anymore. what works is if i get my ass on the treadmill and run 5 miles everyday. that might work

if i say i refuse to eat, i refuse to. dont try to change my mind or brainwash me into eating using some health reasons or things like that. i have 3 weeks

in other news, im so sorry for not updating mods. i was tired. from the class bonding session we had at marina barrage, from 12PM in the blazing ass sun to 10PM, night life

i honestly had so much fun i forgot i was fat

the people that made it all happen

yeah so it was great and all i can say for those who didnt turn up, boo you whore. you missed out on alot

i honestly felt the class was a knot tighter

oh and the smrt trip to mecure palm resort. julie and i did a little alot of bonding

and all i can say is, behind all the rainbows and bunnies you see, theres a much more sadder picture. we share the same fate, julie

another thing i can say is, the food sucks



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