this happy bitch

i feel so fucking free now that the exams are over. true? not so much. i still have several pain in the ass project works to do

oh man where do i even begin?

the marketing paper was easy, thank god. i studied, thats why it is easy. im hoping a perfect score for the mcqs, atleast then i’ll get to secure an A

so then after the paper we still had lesson. at at POM class, yan xun, julie, putra, nana, azlin, ms becky and i played the lame ass dirty game. with some terrific results. offensive, but terrific results

and then we tried doing the “k-nite thing where yan xun and ms becky had to sing a malay song and we have to guess what song it is. it was epic i tell you. the way they try to sing it, it was so funny. everyone was happy

and so im looking forward to the class bonding thing this friday. and for those who dont intend to take part in the games we organized, heres an advance “fuck you! because on that day, i’ll be too happy to care. no one will rain on our parade. i mean, like fine you know, dont play our stupid games, go ahead, see if i care. youre the one missing out

you little

i bet im going to be so dead beat by saturday. and im leaving for malaysia with julie and sharon. man~ i need to be skinny once school reopens. i plan to shock


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