yay, a sexy post

chris colfer is sucha cutie, dont you think? *swoons

so todays monday and im quite impressed by today, i didnt have the case of the mondays. i was all smiles and roses and julie. yes, i classify a friend as the epitome of rainbows and sunshine. julie

okay i admit, i skipped S&W. you cant blame me! i mean, it was raining softly and my bed was so warm and i just slept through the alarm. i mean come on, 8AM class, P.E class to make it worst. pass. ms becky is shaking her head in shame at her monitress for skipping class. sorry man ms becky, if you havent noticed, im not exactly the sporty kind of person. heh

so then we got an hour of design. it was fb period, as usual. nothing special

and then the marketing class with ISD. i think the auditorium is kind of conducive. i payed attention amidst all the yawning. and wan came in (the only male in ISD) and i was all like “why does he look so dark?

this is the guy i used to go gaga over

not anymore, ever since he dyed his hair some shade of matrep brown and ditched his cute ass nerdy glasses for contacts i lost interest. maybe its because he doesnt look so goody two shoes anymore.

i like nerds, sue me

and he’s always with this chick with platinum blond highlights againts black hair. i think theyre a couple or something. whatever, moving on. she aint that pretty anyway, moving on

so we got some top secret information on our exam (this wednesday) and im going to ace the paper, i tell you. i better ace the paper

oh and ms becky brought in her cute son to join us and yan xun was all “fatherly. putra tried and failed to draw ben10. yan xun, man, your attempt to be the “nice guy was so full of fail, although we all can see how hard you try to appease the maoster

oh and julie has this friend, syafiq i think his name was, i thought he looked cute. like a teapot. short and stout. here is his handle and here is his lalalala~

and because we are “young, wild and rebellious, julie, putra, nana and i ditched design halfway at 4PM. i cannot stand it, all we do there is nothing (since we all are done with the project) and i cant stand loling around all day watching the boys play world of warcraft

im sorry mr foong, youre cute but i cant handle the pressure of nothingness

julie and i think taylor lautner deserve to get an award for “one the hottest male artist, evar. alongside zack efron and ian somerhalder and chase crawford and my endless list of super hot celebrities

for fierce eyes only

Taylor Lautner Pictures, Images and Photos
Taylor Lautner Pictures, Images and Photos
Taylor Lautner Pictures, Images and Photos
Taylor Lautner Pictures, Images and Photos

but yan xun was againts him or something. all i can say is, haterz to da left


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