xie xie ni men

yeah, the bestfriend and i went for a study date since next week is our exams- thank god i only have 1 paper to clear

where to? where else? starbucks, marina. the place is just conducive enough for us to get cracking you know

i got the venti green tea late (and the mug is super huge, i just realize, since i always get the ones on the go) and the oatmeal and raisin cookie, yum. nurul bought her venti javachip and a croissant, buttered. and we got to studying. i managed to cover chapters 1,2,5and 6. chapters 3&4, i need memorizing

i also feel like ditching school on monday and tuesday so i can study for wednesday (the exam). can we get study break pretty please? i want to do well for this. i want to ace the paper

she calls it algae late. i know it looks like green diarrhea but it taste so friggin good i swear to you

oatmeal and raisin cookie, it taste so good

so then nurul took out her laptop and then i logged in to facebook and you can safely say that our motivation to study magically evaporated. no matter

after about 5 minuts fbing i decided, you know what?  im better of studying for the exam so i did. what i didnt do is that i didnt log out my fb account. so that asshat invaded my fb and my life, ruined. she went around fb, liking strangers statuses and commenting on peoples life. oh god im so screwed

so we took a break, after what, 3 hours at starbucks light up afew fags and walked to central for dinner

i had the durian ice kachang, she had indian pratha

thing is, i was so busy eating the syrupy goodness in the shaved ice, saving the best part for last (the blop of durian paste) and the damn ice frig the cone collapse. it fell over, the durian part fell over. the one i paid $3 for. some sad ass pictures right ahead

look at it man, standing so proud and tall

and then no no no nono this had to happen

well atleast theres the corn or whatever the hell left for me to sadly eat

sad ass

then around 8.30PM we start walking back to peninsula, laughing like mad people, making up stories about the tricycle uncles

“siape last anak babi!” and the older uncle tries so hard to keep up with the younger uncles, if theres such thing. i was laughing so hard because nurul was talking in mandarin, pretending to know whatever the fuck was going on in the tricycle uncles life

in the train ride home, from marina bay to yishun, i laughed, non stop

theres this malay guy, kind of on the chubby side of the scale and his hair was like astro boy. only that his is curly. he also carries a bagpack that look like a jet pack would come out of it if he presses a button or something

nurul “kau tengok tu, esmok boy to the rescue”
me “asal esmok boy siak?”
nurul “pasal dier gemok”

we also saw a chinese woman around her late 40s with read ass cheeks, strong eyebrows and thick ass make up. nurul was like

nurul “tu kene sepak kepe siak?”

which means “did that woman got bitch slapped like what 10 times?” seriously. she looks like she just got out of a cat fight. reow~

we saw, an adorable couple (theyre old and chinese) the wife looks so cute in a tshirt and bermudas. and she had bangs. BANGS! shes so cute, so small. we call her, chun li. and the husband, looks like a monk that dresses up in yellow cloak type things, we call him “wo yu xai xe ning”

and then we assholes came up with a skit in our head about what would prolly happen when chun li wanted a haircut. it’ll prolly be like

chun li “wo yao bangs!”
hairdresser “auntie! ni de bangs!”
chun li “xie xie, xie xie ni men!”

and the husband singing

wo ai,
wo ai ni lao po”

and they held hands so we sung

“tang wo men tai chai ee chi
chai ee chi
chai ee chi
tang wo men tai ee chi
eng kuai le u bi
ni de peng yo
wo de peng yo
wo de lao po
ni de lao po~”

in conclusion, the date was sponsored by channel 8


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