some kind of happy

i miss eating ice cream

hey mods

today azlin and i ate yegg roti pratha at the local indian restaurant, bluestar. omg you guys dont even know the satisfaction we felt. i mean, oh my god the crispy flour bread, and the curry

im sorry you guys are actually reading a post about how i enjoyed my meal of the day

after that we just hang out, light afew fags, talked about what a day we had and how we have to study for this fridays progress test

also, today was the entrepreneurship workshop, a 9AM- 5PM affair of thing no one cares about brought to you by the people of FedEx

it was so damn boring. i mean really. i was shivering while rotting in there. thank god julie, nana, and azlin entertain me with their silly acts

julie was dancing and giving some lame ass jokes, nana was being nana, making fun people she finds below average intellectually and physically. azlin and i were reenacting the asian workout video by mchonny

heres the video, i love hardcore chinese accent

and then ms becky got us chips and the boys and us sat at the “study area talking about shit

putra leaned on clement in a gay kind of way and clement was like “the fuck… and we were all laughing. my hair wont stay in place. also it is now some shade of magenta. and the box said “chestnut brown

my ass

also, azlin and i kept saying shit at the same time, singing the same things at the same time during a break and its always the same song

saat kita berrrrpisah~
kau pegang erat tangan kuuuu~

some jiwang song the hell


One Response to some kind of happy

  1. Aadila says:

    haha,is the prata really called that? ahh,I wanna try! and that asian part,so funny! 😀

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