where ma good girls at?

i was like dwayne, i must say. i didnt know what i was running away from

now that i found myself, youre the fugitive

hey mods

so today im feeling light headed. i am so glad i came to school today. my fantastic friends made me feel so giggly and great and all. most importantly, i truly felt happy

its been a long time since ive been just happy. just happy, mixed with nothing else

thank you jun kiat and lynn (class couple) for asking me if im alright due to the departure of my uncle. i am coping fine

today i was laughing like ive never laughed before, so lively and loud. its been a long time since i let out a big guffaw and im glad people around me dont seem to mind

can i just say i do not understand how fat, ugly ass bitches (im saying bitches because really, they are bitches) get some kind of a hot ass boyfriend. it depresses me, azlin, julie and nana. is it all about the sex? or am i missing a point here?

where are all the good girls at? oh wait, they are either married (not shotgun), to be engaged or a lesbian. or just too shy to put themself out there because they cannot stand failing (so me)

jeez louise man

oh and ms jean yo came to me and said

how your 1, 2, 3? Do Re Mi

Do Re Mi are her students which she thought me, nana and azlin have school girl crushes on. shes so damn cute


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