look down on me one more time, give me a better view so i can slap you with a fish

my head feels like it was ran over by a pickup truck last night. i woke up sweating and shivering maybe its

well i did. some panadol(flu), cough syrup(yum), digestive pills(ugh) and a happy pill

so i was supposed to be in school today but i decided that im unfit to go, with all the shenanigans of the funeral and how im feeling about this whole thing right now

im also supposed to go home today, when i really dont want to. i want to stay here with mom but they wont let me so i have to go back since schools getting in the way

so many things that im not doing but am supposed to do

currently im listening to some mgmt and trying to stay off the menthols by watching tv. alot of tv

many mr smartypants have been chatting me up. i hate smart people. i hate people supposedly smarter than me and they try to show off that theyre so damn smart the frig. just because of where im studying

look i dont care if you know the self fulfilling prophecy or whatever the hell youre studying. what matters is if you got the game on. and frankly, these smart asses dont

i dont give a shit if youre smart. screw you for looking down on me, asshats

i kill with words


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