get yo puff on with colfer

today, i made my family disappear :L . i made my family disappear :3

okay not so much. i just woke up really late from yesterdays attempt to finish the final touchups for entreperneurship project 1. and when i did, theyre gone

 i hate that bitch of a teacher thats taking us under her smelly ass wings for finals. seriously, shes what i call

Les Incompétent

and im willing to put big bucks on that saying half of the class agrees with me

you know what ive been eating these past 2 days? nestle cereal, for kids, “my first solid food. dont hate, they taste good and im on a tight regime

oh and i catched up with some tv time and watched the jersey shore re runs/ marathon again. i must say, no matter how stupid ass the whole thing is, im just all up for it. all the dramaz fo’ yo mamaz and snooki getting beat up in her face and all that shit satisfies me

dont get me wrong though, i still think if you wear ed hardy, youre a douchefart (or really really rich on the dough). and the amount of gel pauly d is using up still needs a little getting used to. and the tanning beds and whatever the hell

and i might just have the slightest crush on ronnie

i mean hes so cute and so “romantic and laid back yaknawhamsayin?

im also gleeing. cris colfer is adorbs


he approves


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