dead and gone

and thats when i decided an online journal or blog would be the best thing to invest my time on. its like a theraphy. and everyone of you reading are my therapist

today, my dear uncle passed away, departed from all of his loved ones. of course im affected. death always affects me. wether its someone dear or someone i barely knew. and im sure it affects you too

my uncles family, his children, his wife they were all devastated at their great loss. they loss a good husband, they loss a loving father. and i pictured myself in their situation, what would i do?

im not very good at keeping a straight face when times get hard. when that happens, when tragedy strucks my family, you know what id do? id lock myself in my room and cry the hell. then id be a totally different person. it will affect me so greatly, it might take a toll on my mental stability

i know that this is what will happen

all the things i should have said, all the things i kept so quiet about. ill regret not telling him how i feel. because now, we never say “i love you anymore

honestly, when was the last time you said “i love you to your mom or dad or siblings? i cant remember

so, i guess what im saying is that life isnt always going to go on. we will inevitably die one day and you know, before that time comes i think we all should do whatever we want to and say whatever we want to say to whoever you want to talk to

like if your moms cooking that dinner was fantastic, then compliment her. if your sister did a nice thing for you, thank her. i know its hard and we all are not used to counting our blessings but guys, time is running out and the person you have known and love all these while might just slip away. and when they do, theres nothing you can do about it. you can wallow yourself up with self pity and regrets but thats all you can do

im sorry guys, if im putting you off the mood. i mean, this isnt exactly my blogging style (im always trying to make my readers laugh with what bit of vulgar and wit i have) but im kind of emotionaly drained, you know?

i pray that my family will never be incomplete ❤



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