its okay

hey, its fine

by the way guys, if you guys are going to call me (for some reason) please text me saying that youll call me. my mom accidentally cut off my caller id so erryone that calls me ended up being “unknowns so i just dont answer. thanks

hey mods

its windy and the mood is bleak here
. perfect time for me to rave on and on about how im feeling right now

well for starters im feeling pretty good. im here at hougang now, visiting my mom and oh how ive missed her. i miss my elder brother, my elder sister and i just miss the whole lot of them

my sisters giving birth this 13 june i think and itll be a boy and im excited. so i plan on helping around the house alot, you know, pick up the slack here and make myself useful. i think ill be staying at hougang alot more

also, ive been feeling rather down at school. i dont know if anyone noticed it (because i try not to bring problems from home to school) and ive been trying real hard to pretend that errythings fine. so if you see me being all moody and shit, please make me laugh. ill appreciate that alot. the reason why im so down is beacause i


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