a choleric disposition

i wont deny that i am, but right now i just dont care anymore. im stoic

seriously, i am done with waiting. do not provoke me darling. not quick enough, you need to be quicker

hey mods

so today class starts at 8AM the frig and we did nothing. we did nothing. this is why i hate thursdays

erry friggin thursday, the whole class will just sit in the classroom and stare at the teacher, get provoked by her not doing anything, and erryone will start swearing or sleeping

she was suppose to teach. not sit on her ass all day looking at us and us looking back at her, pissed. i felt like smacking the ho on her face with my purse. 1, she gave a a D. 2, she just sits there and do absolutely nothing! o m g i am so freaking annoyed right now

people are pissing me off big time

yes, you. you are pissing me off too. just shut up and get out of my life. thank you _|_

you know, i rarely get mad and stay mad but when i do, you just drove into fuckville and im the mayor

ohhh youve been

Middle Finger Pictures, Images and Photos

now get the fuck out


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