blud givin’

hey mods

so there was the blood donation drive today and out of many classmates that wanted to donate their blood but couldnt due to reasons non believed was relevant

well i wasnt one of them, i got the sign of approval and jumped on the “save a life bandwagon great isnt it?

ms becky didnt get to donate her blood (after much complaining and pussying out about how chicken she was) because of soft veins or something. amalina and diyana got the same “diagnosis, if you will.  theres always next time

azlin couldnt cause she had fever, nana had low blood count

suprisingly, the boys didnt sign up to save lives. pussies

now last year, i felt nothing. not even when the needle was in my veins. this year, now this year, i felt everything

from the needle sliding into my veins to it being pulled out

its like the needle they used got thicker or something

my blood was thick. it was almost the colour of maroon. it was thick and dark. the lady said its because i lack of water

so then after 5 minutes or so i got the bandage and 2 packets of crackers and a packet of milo. i had to drink that shit right there. i was walking all weird and my head was buzzing, the volunteers made me sit down when i wanted to go back to class

my classmate almost fainted. she was so pale white after. she looked like death

so anyways, and then i floated back to class, literally floated and my speech slurred and then i slept during class

i guess i must have been looking drugged out cause a couple of my friends (julie, azlin, yan xun) were all like “dood you okay?

and i was all high and was all “fcourse when i obviously am not

i was feeling really light and high and happy but dizzy at the same time. i dont understand. its not like i didnt eat breakfast eventhough i have to or anything

sheesh yall

loosing weight too fast again. oh the thrill. im almost on par with suzzie. just 2-3kg off

watch out

in other news, im dropping out on the korea trip. they dont cater to muslims

asshats. why the frig didnt you just state that its for non muslims? idiots that piss me off. seriously, it was so fucking racist. dont tell me you cant TRY to cater for your muslim students. you dumb asshat

non halal food, check. trip on the month of Raya, check. My fist in your throat, check the hell

even though that bitch didnt thought me shit, i hated her ass. shes on my black books

next time im planning a trip to fucking iraq and no pig eating, alcohol inducing motherf could go


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