i know

hey mods

so i actually met mr s today and it was okay, awkward but okay. but of course you guys wont be interested in the details right?

oh you are? okay if you say so

well i was just being all nervous the whole time walking there but then i saw murali so i said hi and made small talk to forget the nervousness that was consuming me. and then he had to go off so my last resort was to call suzzie. and then he appeared out of nowhere, beside me

so then he got the tickets for the last song and we just walked in all awkwardness around northpoint for the fun of it. and gave up cause its boring so we decided to just sit down at the cinemas “waiting area- if you will. the things we talked about were random. from the shops we shop at, to the cinema ticket guy, to our majors.

so you wear jeans to go out?

that is the most random question i have been asked, ever

we really had 0 material to talk about

well the movie for me was a bit of a drag at the beginning. and then it got really sad and it got better and then the dad died 😥

so i cried. i couldnt help it. i hate it when people see me cry

i give it a 2.5

anyways there was only 5people in the theater. the 2 of us and this trio of chinese people (family). the kid must have been about 6? i bet they thought the last song was some sort of spin on hannah Montana

mr s kept singing/ reenacting the advertisements. i cannot help but laugh

and then he walked me home, thank you, although it was only 2PM and he could have lazed at starbucks while waiting for his shift, instead of wasting his time, sending me home

it was like that and it was okay for a first date. awkward, but okay


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