i dont know

hey mods

so theres this guy, his name is, lets just call him mr s. well i think im falling for him. im not telling you guys too much because you guys would fall for him too. at first i thought it would be the same case as mr naz- whom decided to just ditch me and go with some annoying looking asshat- but then this ones future looks brighter

so he says he doesnt drink and smoke. and he claims to be the goodie goodie cutie patootie kinda guy. tempting isnt he?

im in a faze where erry girl whos falling is like waiting all night long on the computer just to see him come online and not talk to him at all. and most of the time- hes not online cause he works at 7-11 and his shift ends at 11PM. usually

and todays a saturday and hes working. poor baby. he was all

(7:46 PM) mr s: so tmr going out?
(7:47 PM) me: yup.you?
(7:47 PM) him: yup, go where?
(7:47 PM) me: i think the IR thing there
(7:47 PM) him: ouhh
(7:48 PM) me: yeah. you?
(7:48 PM) him: im going the 7-11 thing there

hes working hard to get a new bike or something. i honestly do not understand the hype about having pimped out auto-bot motorbikes. but thats just me

i dont know whats wrong with me, though. he wants to meet up (like erry other person) and i have been avoiding this. i think its because im afraid that im not good enough? or that im not exactly what he expects? these thoughts, bringing me down. and i dont like it cause its messing with my head

its like i want (to get to know) him but at the same time im not sure

i just hope this one wont disappoint me because frankly, im tired

i have been the wallflower, watching and listening to a couple of my girls talking about their relationship blunders and heart ache and errytime i listen, i thought to myself

if this is what love feels like, i rather die alone

cause i cant handle heartbreaks at all

and all the past failed relationships are washing over me. overwhelmed

is it me or am i falling to fast?


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