design the hell

hey mods

todays class(design) started at 3PM and ended at 5PM. isnt it wonderful? and half the class wasnt there. you know, cause their grades dont matter

no, im not pissed at all you absentees

julie was all

erryones going home and we’re going to school! great! just great!

the whole way to class. i say class because i met her in the train ride. and since then we bitched all the way to class

and then in the middle of the most boring/ lifeless class ever, ms angie lee that gave me a D strolled in and started selling her ice cream the hell


redisovraisyah(me) so shes going around selling her goddamn ice cream the frig. asshat, noone cares
corissawong @rediscovraisyah HAHAHA NICE ONE. 😀
@corissawong crazy asshat selling icecream in class. in class thats not hers _|_


in other news, im insecure about the thought of the other sex. opportunity came and now im like backing off

i mean, he seems like a nice guy and all

i think theres something wrong with me


2 Responses to design the hell

  1. nana says:

    it’s not that i dont care bout my grades.
    i’ve finished the portfolio.
    2 hours of facebook then back home?
    i’ll pass.
    lau aku tgl cam tmpt korg okeh jgk.
    nie eastside weii.

  2. rediscoveraisyah says:

    valid explanation

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