Navy, Baby

its wordy

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so today we visited the Navy today, overall experience= quite good

if you all think we got to see hot navy hunks the whole 2 hours or so there, you thought wrong. dead wrong

the bus ride there was pitiful- the seats (carpeted) smells like cheese and some other disgusting stuff. mo was eating at the back of the bus- a whole damn styrofoam container of some rice- i bet it was some fat ass nasi lemak. putra was annoyed, so was nana. julie was eavesdropping, azlin was sleeping like a log. and then we all joined her

until ms becky came and (with her high pitched squeel) woke us all up. and then she apologized profusely. haha


we went on the battle ship thing with missile launchers and frig. walking through the cabins, i was basically reenacting Titanic scenes in my head

and we got off the ship like Armageddon, with slow mo(tion) and shit

ms becky was complaining about how “fat she is (hi ms becky!) youre not fat. youre just, chubby. you know, a little cushion for the pushin’ if you get what i mean. its cute (for you)

is it helping?

and she’s noisy the whole time in the ship tour. “the steps are so steep! kind of noisy

before that there was a bunch of “sports management assholes walking infront of us. and they were showing off their “guns. please, fuck off and let me walk

so then after the “boat ride we hung at the food court- where the boys were just chilling and swatting the heat

stupid people we saw

  1. the annoying ass girl with “raybans. puh-lease, gurl, you aint got the face fo that look
  2. the attack of the man boobs. the several men with their tits hanging out. 1 had an unfortunate waterballon for a belly
  3. the idiot wearing the star hoodie- and it was something like an oven there
  4. the guyhole wearing stripes polo under his ite polo tshirt. wtf, douche the frig

and many more

so then we had to leave the camp and YY had to keep all our asses, waiting under the goddamn sun while shes queing up for some joyride. time management girl, time management. bs

so yan xun got pissed and organic words was spilling all over the place, julie was screaming threatening things that includes death (to YY) and jun kiat was fanning the hell for the both of us. and so on

dier mintak kene bunoh ah!
shes asking to be killed
-julie karmila

and when my sorry ass thought that it was all over, the bloody navy bitches thought making us queue for our buses in some long ass line would be funny. with a bunch of ite ballestier motherfuckers

now i have nothing againts ballestier ite. but those asshats are so fucking noisy. and vulgar and just plain annoying. i feel like slapping their faces with my flipflops. i mean seriously, all of us, still in the long ass queue is already fucking pissy with the heat and the exchange of body heat, why in hell did you think yelling vulgar for the fun of it will make us more happy the frig?


and im sorry to erryone whom ive said

cb shut up lah to.

im so sorry, i was just so annoyed and uncomfortable and your yelling and complaining is not helping. sorry


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