yes, finally an update

you know with all the projects assigned with some tight ass due date, me and azlin have been doing alot of this lately

Hey mods

People made me sick today (17 May 2010, monday). I am so friggin pissed. I mean seriously, how could you like not know what to do when I already located the jobs evenly

And I even told you guys` to text if you have a problem or something but nooooooooooooooooo, no one bloody did. I then assumed that errything is going fine

I woke up at friggin 3AM the hell just to collate errything the hell together

Yan Xun cant sing (english songs) to save his life. sorry bro, you know I love you. Not really, but you know what I mean. Heyyyy~

And ms becky was all up in our asses about the “class bonding shit today. All I can say is, the class is so far apart then “bonding the hell wont even work. We’re just too different to be one. I mean I think like we have to be mounted together with melted iron in order to like friggin bond

Seriously, I know my dear teacher (hi ms becky!) is trying to bring us together but, hate to say it, we’re a lost cause

but, it doesnt hurt to try

i get so friggin pissed easily nowadays. and im having trouble keeping my cool at bay. i get worked up over stupid things and its not fun at all

no, its not the time of the month again. assholes

and the class is supposed to go to some navy open house tomorrow. i so do not see the point of us going there. sure, youre doing this to skip entrepreneurship class but really? think of our sorry grades


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