tired and starving myself

hey mods

im like this concentrated energy thats so pressured in a confined space and now im breaking. like glass shattering all over

theres the entrepreneurship proposal, principles of marketing proposal and that design thing to be done by monday. i am freaking the hell out

no one’s replying to my texts except for hannah. and seriously now is not the time to give me bullshit reasons. i want the works by tomorrow. latest 3AM guys, im staying up for you guys

im sorry i shouldnt have said that. im just stressing out yaknawhamsayin’? oh and if youre at all offended by that then


im tired. theres P.E tomorrow, oh god. im tired, my eyes are swollen and my throat is sore

not a happy camper 😦 i need to listen to passion pit to make me smile

i hope i dont get that little nervous breakdown or anything. i have an image to mantain. i need to look like im in control with my emotions and thoughts errytime. every second of my life

fact#67 i am never totally in control with my emotions of thoughts half the time. im just faking it

anyways. im thinking of majoring in theater

i also want beancurd

Beancurd Pictures, Images and Photos


im hungry


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