someone’s batting for the other team

hey mods, yeah you get that right. im a lez be yan. shocked? dont be. because i am (decided to be one today)

why? i got sick of men. i got sick of trying to impress. i got sick of their mind games and i sure ass hell got bloody sick of their womanizing ways

i feel so good now. i feel so goddamn free

okay i lied. the lesbian part, i lied. the rest is 100% truth


in other news, shah got in deepshit with her groupmates. again. im getting bored now. whats new? i really thought all that unbiased advice got through her thick ass skull. apparently it didnt

tension grew when she didnt bother to do shit while the whole team, even Yy, was doing the proposal. douchebag. what kind of a leader are you? seriously. professionalism man, you got to take that in consideration

enough with that shit, my conclusion is, shah, if you continue acting like an “i – dont- give- a- shit- about- you asshole, be prepared for some mayjah shitastrophy 🙂 good luck with that

ignoring your people completely would not fucking help at all. DELETING THEM ON FB AND SAYING THAT

I don’t need friends who are there to condemn me, insult me, critise me, hurt my feelings, etc. I will be grateful if you will just leave. FYI, there’s a DELETE button. You can delete me anytime. That’s the best solution I can give to those who HATE me 🙂

and then deleting them yourself
is so stupid. im sorry but it is. no sugarcoating for you, you need to know the situation here

oh reminder for you, this is your F.I.N.A.L.S. that is all

one more thing. why the hell does this shit ALWAYS happen whenever groupwork is required from you? You need to understand that being a LEADER does not mean you RULE THE GODDAMN WORLD. it just means that your teammates trust that you can guide them

and youre not doing a good job. at all

julie, just buy oreo and bandung, we can then watch the drama from a distance. nana, azlin, FB deleted? not your loss. Putra, well putra, just stay out of everything


in a slightly cheery note, my group (without lay han, m.i.a) is progressing steadily. slow as fuck, but still, progressing smoothly. jx agreed to mentor us on the finance department and then well treat him to a movie date at the end of the whole thing

we pinky sweared. thank you jx, you da man

jeffrey is officially my favourite buddy to gossip about ms angie lee to. i took the liberty to name all of the 6 boyband members in our class

NUM model Yan Xun
Ah Beng Jun Kiat
Jeffrey Hairflip Zee
Harry Clement Potter (fav name so far)
Cheng An & Chuan Meng, the bors before hos

anyways, im going to say that even though shit is happening, i wont worry my life away


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