things that make me sick, currently

hey mods

news in singapore, some 15 year old gay manboy got in trouble for slapping a girl multiple times in the face. in an elevator

i dont know if anyone saw the video. of course you have. unless you live under a rock or something. its all up on facebook

yeah, well, it made me sick. sick to the point of throwing up. i mean, youre hitting a girl. end of conversation man. who cares if youre gay or whatever. youre a manboy and you hit a girl. your argument is invalid

i heard his dipshit of an ass is locked up somewhere or something


and shah was just plain rude to azlin and nana today

where the bloody hell are you guys? i cannot start the meeting without you!

first of all, being the leader, youre not suppose to blow up on your team mates. theyll hate your ass and youre going to have a hard time

secondly, you didnt even state where the meeting was going to be held. how in hell was your team mates suppose to know youre sitting on your sorry ass, waiting for them in the library? please use what little ounce of intelligence you have, damnit

im sorry if this offends you but gurlllll, you got to get your head straight. if you dont, there will inevitably be trouble. and misunderstandings. and fights that eventually leads to the unfortunate “end of friendship 🙂

im just sayin’

oh you know what? im not sorry. this is my blog and i can say whatever the hell i want


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