you will let me smile

hello mods, i am depressed and i refuse to eat till i have to be sent to the hospital

also, im addicted to cough syrup

i guess the “THE REASON post was abit whiny but i couldnt help it. i am just sick of waiting and everyday alone is driving me to a point of mental breakdown. im just saying, god, im lonely

i have had several mental breakdowns. but i always rebound so fast before anyone notices the damage ive done thats a good thing. thats a bad thing

so then in all depressness i decided to hit the gym, with a couple of optimistic people, to forget about the world of problems

side note, fuck that 3hour diet plan by George Cruise. it doesnt/ couldnt work when youre as busy as me. i mean, really, i couldnt find the time to snack every 3hours of my life. at school. undo able

im sticking to not eating, the gym and regular pilates classes

im on speaking terms with suzzie again. lets pretend nothing ever happened

gym was hardcore. 15minutes striding, lvl 3. 10minutes jogging, 1KM. Strength training on the arm machine. Worked on the core muscle, did a couple of reps on the 5second hold crunches, the plank, the 90degree crunch and then straight leg hand touch, the side plank and the helicopter (fav)(suzzie calls it superman). and then of course, cycling

it worked and suzzie is urging me to join the ” i complete my 42KM challenge. basically youre suppose to run/ jog/ cycle/ row for 42KM in total and then you get a certificate or something

i dont know if i should take up the challenge or not- i could have the will, strength but i have zero belief that i could pull this off

and then we all took a long ass shower. separately, you pervs

accompanied suzzie to meet braceface, syammym. had a pretty fun time teaming up with him, teasing suzzie 🙂 thank god she didnt punch me or something

on the way home around 9nish that bastard psychobitch followed me. again

suzzie is meeting up with so many crazies errytime and im stuck in the middle of being possibly undatable and refusing to date

(i shall add a quote because i know you all like sentimental, profound shit)

dont believe everything happiness says,
nothing feels better than hiding these days
– Hedley


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