this bipolar bitch is fine if you just leave her with a pen, an empty journal and her pandora’s box filled with imagination

i like oogling at male models with azlin, yan xun, jeff, jun kiat and clement when we were supposed to finish up our designs for the fashion show


also, i asked yan xun if hes gay. not that theres anything wrong with that, im pro gay people. theres just something about fat chicks and gay guys, they just cosmically align. and as expected he said “me? gay? no
and gave me that “are you fo seriousness? kind of look

and after all that, he said “you still think im gay right? and i went all “no, of course nottttttttttttt~ hint of sarcasm

im addicted to cheryl cole- parachute. its just so sultry and seksi. i like seing man dance. in tuxedos. seksi.
need convincing?

and mark salling approves of this post

this post made me happy


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