why im still roaming in the sea of singles is because i cannot decide whether im ready or not

hey mods

i know told you guys that i want to be in a stable relationship. but the thing is, i also know that i am not ready for the relationship

is anyone feeling me?

i dont know. erryone is getting themselves into relationships so i feel the need to be in one. although i find no wrong in staying single at this ripe age of 18. i think theres a high possibility that im going to end up like those women who only start dating at the age of 22 when they secure a stable job and all that crap

aiyoooooooooo~ thinking about all this shit is making me feel depressed

you know what i should do? get myself so preoccupied with school work, get myself in polytechnic, then work my ass off there, get my ass into university, graduate with honors, get a good job and then start dating

i will be like what 35 then?

i. am. so. bloody. lonely pathetic.



One Response to THE REASON


    Ain’t nuthin wrong with being single yo! You wont get tied down with some asshole, you wont have commitment issue, you wont have anyone restricting you. Be your own babe, find a dude who accepts you for who you are. Honestly? I rather be happy single with great friends then tied down to a potential muthaf.

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