sick again

i have been doing alot of this


i also fall ill too often

hey mods

i am sick yet again. with influenza screwing up my system and fever refraining me from getting up

i actually did get up this morning at 6AM to get ready for class which was at 8AM. and then i spent about 15 minutes sleeping in the bathroom and woke up on the floor with the pipe running and my head hurting. i was like

eventually i decided, you know what? fuck design, im too damn sick to even stand up

so i then crashed back on the bed and slept till like 1PM. and woke up with my head still throbbing and my vision blurred

and then i wore my glasses and it cleared up again but my throat was sandpaper rough man. it was painful to swallow my own saliva

i think the constant violent coughing is going to give me some hard washboard abs man, im not even kidding

and no, i didnt go to the doctor. i couldnt even get up

so mom allowed me to just lol around the house and watch some of many movies from my DVD collection

oh i also watched how to train a dragon, finally. yan xun was right, it was really good. alice in wonderland was eh for me. good effects, impressive and all, visually but story line was abit bleah

anne hathaway was hot though. and johnny depp, sexy. yes i am aware that he looks fug in his mad hatter make up but he is still sexy

even as willy wonka

jack black is sexy too

yes, mods, i am that sick


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