lets pretend

im feeling a large spectrum of things


its not only me, its the whole class. woke up early in the morning to go to class grumpy and found out the 2 people that wanted the class to be at 8AM, didnt even bother to turn up. and they yelled at the monitor for the time swap. if it was me they were talking to me, id give a straight no


amalina decided that she might drop out from the principles of marketing group. she has her reasons. i thought that everything is settled. apparently not


i dont know what went wrong. im thinking of all the possibilities but it only narrows to one. and i dont even know if its the right one. i feel like slapping everyone


and you all think im all marshmellow bunnies and shit. im not

im trying to pretend everything never happened. because anger lies in the bossom of fools


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