i like how karma’s licking your feet slowly. and now you’re crawling back to her but im sorry, its too late, i would never consider you like i always had, ever again

hey mods

my body’s still aching from yesterday’s gym session. it was really hardcore since there wasnt any distraction for me and diyana. we had the gym to ourselves

until some kung fu guy decided to do weight training. even though it’s girls day. he got kicked out of course

today we had to decide on team members for finals project based grades. im with

&lay han

and im happy with my group. everyone is motivated and active at all discussions so far

i know some of the people in my class are unhappy. unhappy with their groupings but all i can say is

i. dont. give. a. flying. fuck

you can quote me on that one

im done with considering people’s feelings. i told you guys already, this semester, i want a team of elite. im putting high hopes on this group. settle your difference yourselves, i dont care

also, hannah gave me a pair of socks


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