last gig at the zoo, ever

hey mods, im about as lifeless as that flower

yes, i know i havent been posting much. i was busy with the start of the term, was busy with the zoo attachment(volunteerism) and trying to catch up with sleep

lets talk about the zoo first shall we?

please dont mind my fug face and amalinas tired i-dont-give-a-fuck-about-you-but-im-smiling face. i just wanted to show you how we look like every end of the day. fug and tired


Kit was in charge, that man with the brown shirt is him

went smoothly. woke up in the morning feeling like p diddy i drank a bottle of tequila the other day and spend the night in the toilet

i woke up at 5AM if you guys are wondering, met the girls at 7AM at amk

first day on the job, got desmond as the station master. he is awesome and 32. also hes all smiles and laughter and rainbows and marshmellows

that would be desmond and amalina with a bunch of kids, playing the recycling game

some are just adorable, them in their little groups, racing around the zoo

some arent

yeah so everything went fine. and lunch was awesome. first day over

however suzzie insulted amalina and i wasnt comfortable with that. even if she was joking and all, it still was uncalled for

day 2

got posted at composting and it sucks
1: it is in the middle of nowhere
2: it was away from civilization

and the only good thing about the spot was the scenic view of the the pristine lake

we dealt with woodchips, soil and dead leaves

this nicole girl was like

have fun composting

that pissed me off. i got tacked

anyways lunch was shit. some fish in gravy or something. i starved

and then geraldine came

so she was said to be flexible and systematic. to me, she was a bitch and unprofessional. she got personal with a bunch of 18 year olds

i wanted to bitch slap her so hard her mother could feel it

i mean, i now she’s tired and all but that doesnt give her any rights to get personal and verbally abusive to her people. who happened to be volunteers. who doesnt get paid (just so you needed a clearer picture)

we all are shagged too man! wake up in the early morning to get down to the zoo to entertain public masses with our boring lectures on earth day. and then get shit reviews

and then she decided to complain to Kit about how inefficient we were, when we’re like right there

i resisted socking her in the face


our shift was supposed to end at 6PM sharp and she picked us up late. it was so geraldine to forget about some 5 18 year olds waiting for pick up and exhausted and starving

and varsha was talking about how pissed she was and how she kept her dignity and how unprofessional geraldine was and how she wasnt ethical and bla bla bla. and then she talked about whiskey

and suzzie jumped in with her expertise on alcohols and varsha was like

automatically in hell

that was funny

that’s it, that’s the last time im going to do volunteer work at the zoo. sorry kit


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