hey mods

so i’ve just come off school holidays and just started my final term and i’ve been there for about 3 days now and already have had a hectic 3 days

its wednesday and im still feeling exhausted from monday’s P.E and tuesday’s gym session. my body is aching all over

tomorrow i have this training session at the zoo and god i bet i’ll end up so shagged i’ll probably sleep through the bus ride home or something

well first day of school was alright, you know what? first day over. 2nd day was bleah, 2 hours of design and i actually like design class

third say, today was so fucking mind numbing

ms becky got us in the air conditioned bomb shelter to just chillax before her 3 hour Marketing class. Now marketing class is at this small classroom. it got us feeling clammy and claustrophobic. and i couldnt wait to get the fuck out of there

and azlin and nana saw wan. and honestly, i forgot he even existed. but now that i have refreshed my memory 😉

design was okay

i just realized that putra is so soft spoken and that khas is very big and tall *we made a song again and hanif has that ‘im having fun judging you silently’ smile

khas song was ‘big, black, and beautiful’ from ‘big, blonde, and beautiful’- hairspray

awe misai lebat badan pompan nama dia ____
awe pakai coli tapi laki itu pon ____

azlin, you know we’re going to burn in hell (we laugh at everyone)


azlin and i were looking at adorable tots swimming in the tub with floaties stuck on their heads and i saw this 2 army guys and was like

“eh yang tu macam Do eh?” – points at the big black guy, completely ignoring the smaller, skinnier malay one

and then they walked past us and the malay one said in an indian accent

“ya, now baby can swim”– looking at the tots

and at the same time azlin and my head snap up to look at him and we said in disbelief,

“isnt that rahim?!”

he’s so skinny now. and he looks malnourished. poor baby


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