first day of the final year

mood: exhausted

hey mods

damn i am exhausted. &i have no idea why

actually i do. i didnt have enough shut eye yesterday. and P.E was a bitch (i had to run in mary-janes) and now i got blisters on my blisters. its not a pretty sight

so i saw the year 1s. bunch of wussies

and amalina’s friend was such a cutie. seriously smittened

it rained and now im down with fever. and i have design tomorrow. in an air conditioned room

yan xun was an ass. i was happily falling asleep at one of the fuck couches at the student hub and he had to ruin it by yelling at me and hitting the couch

fuck couches why? because its the couch that seniors before us probably had sex on during breaks. its old

i did have a good time though. i laughed alot thanks to azlin, nana, julie and putra. also suzzie thanks to her man voice she sometimes do

design class was suprisingly fun. i feel like a kid with her first box of crayola

the boys are actually very creative. in a way. and clement is so damn pro with all the tools on the adobe illustrator

and khas queued up alongside me for our buses. i dont find him funny since im alone

i forgot all the good things that happened today 😦 im tired


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