our TIMETABLE sucks


this, classmates, is our shit of a timetable. ms becky was right when she said we’ll freak the shit out. i bet all of y’all are shitting bricks right now

i know


9 to 10:30 S&W (Field)
12 to 1 DSG (A3-02)
1 to 3 POM (D3-05)
3 to 5 DSG (A3-02)

8 to 10 DSG (A3-02)

10 to 11 CAH
12 to 3 POM (B2-05)
3 to 5 DSG (A3-02)


8 to 12pm ENT (A4-05 for first 2 hrs and A3-02 for next 2hrs)
ADB students will be in Tamp and will start at 9am to 12 and 1 to 4pm

12 to 3 POM (C3-03 for first hr and B2-03 next 2 hrs)
3 to 5 DSG (A3-02)

DSG = Design (Mr Foong)
POM = Principles of Marketing ( Ms Becks)
ENT = Entrepreneur (Angie fuckingshit Lee)
ADB = Applied Design for Business (Mr Rajah + Mrs Lee Foong Mui)

stay strong, we’re all in this shithole together


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