dont pretend you’ll ever forget about me

hey mods

maybe it’s time you guys get a clearer picture of who this underdog of a writer is (because i have nothing and decided to write about yours truly chosen)

hello, my name is aisyah noor rahim and im legal, so dont worry

fan of TOMS, like owls, loves twitter and public transportation. i seriously think i could be a famous author someday

favourite colour, i have 2. shades of grey and the palest blue. it reminds me of rain and it makes me feel calm

im socially awkward and i rather be the wallflower then to stand out. being almost invincible gives you a chance to observe people, judge, if you will. im an observer, im a dreamer, im young, im naive/ im a realist and im a hopeless romantic.

im an indecisive piece of art

and this space is where all the things in my mind end up. watch it

dont take me as a joke. i cut like a bitch. being a bitch is fun sometimes. it adds spice to my stoic personality


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