livin’ la vida loca

let shirtless ricky martin lure you further

hey mods


so you probably want an apology for my missing in action for over 2 days. sorry. i was just running out of material to put out there for you

but now i do

so now erryone already prolly know that ricky martin is one (sexy) homosexual (of a beast)

I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am

first of all, i feel a part of me dying slowly. why oh why lord, all the seksi, hunky, hot ass men turns out bating for their own team? i could give you a list

ricky martin

mat dallas

adam lambert

and it goes on. yes, i totally understand if you get your panties in a bunch

you know i wouldnt care if this is gay

the news cam as a shocker to me. i mean, this is ricky martin we’re discussing here. all the hearts, i hear them break

because i’m a selfish little bitch, i find this wrong. but because he’s seksi, i’ll still support his music (and his washboard abs)

at least michael buble aint gay.



3 Responses to livin’ la vida loca

  1. Aadila says:

    really interesting post… =)
    what?! Matt Dallas,gay!?? noooo….
    anw,ya…michael buble musn’t be gay! haha

  2. rediscoveraisyah says:

    yes, matt gallas is gay, *sob
    thanks for reading anyways 🙂 and i dreamnt of you yesterday. you sent me a text about world ending

  3. Aadila says:

    haha,really?…that’s so weird + funny.HAHA

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