a thank you and a fuck you

hey mods, i’ve got some overwhelming news

yesterday’s TOMS post generated a little of 859 readers! that is an accomplishment

seriously, where do you guys come from?

i just wanted to say a big fat thank you! from the bottom of my soul! it’s exhilarating to know that people do appreciate my art of rambling. im smiling so much right now

inhale, exhale

anyway, i’m about to do it, i’m about to click on my student portal to go cehck out my results for last years finals. (i need a breather, to calm the nerves. i need camomile tea)

this is just impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. this is BULLSHIT!

here’s my result

writing for business- D (pass)

service excellence- B (very good)

tourism and product services- B (very good)

GPA: 2.4

bullshit. there is no way in hell i could get a D for a subject which is graded on my command for english. this is preposterous. you know what i’m about to do? i am going to write/ type an appeal letter

dear anglie li (no, you cannot sue me now),

this is bullshit. the marking system obviously screwed the fuck up. there is no way in hell i could have gotten a D for your stinking (literally) subject

you said i wouldnt have to worry because my report was gold. and now you’re giving me a D? bullshit

if i knew this was coming i would have given you the worst ever feedback for your measly uninteresting teaching skills. i am so pissed, you dont even know

oh, is this too rude for your little heart to take? i dont give a hoot

i am going crazy here and you dont even know

really? a D? REALLY?!

you better go see your optometrist and check your crazy eye and remark my paper in front of me, and tell me why in detail for every cross you give me

i’m not even going to say a thank you because you dont fucking deserve it

(time to get my composure back)

you know what she’s prolly jealous of me because i unlike her have the ability of keeping myself up to par with the hygiene standards of society


One Response to a thank you and a fuck you

  1. atikah azman says:

    Hello Aisyah,
    Ika here,i like reading your blog.there’s many interesting post!:)

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