how’s the holidays?

i clearly have too much time on my hands

hey mods, it’s been about 2 weeks into the holidays and i guess i’ve been having an alright time. how about you?

i have no idea when the results are in for last years finals. i heard that they’re going to give us our results 2 to 3 weeks after our papers. am i right? or am i just blurting shit now? cause i really dont know :L

i guess i am kind of nervous but im expecting a slightly high improvement in my GPA(grade point average) this time. i mean, last time i got like a miserable 2.4GPA. not happy. i guess, it was because i hadnt studied for almost a year and then suddenly im in college and all the tests are in my face and i the only explanation that could bail me out is that i’ve gone academically rusty

i’m aiming a 3.2GPA. i wanted to type 3.5GPA but then i pussied out so, yeah. 3.2GPA

okay enough about all that academic nonsense (educators all over the world are now hating my guts for saying that) how are you guys spending your holidays?

me? i’ve been spending my a month or so holidays at home, doing chores and celebrating women’s day at the kitchen

i kid the sourpuss women who are now cursing me ’cause i just reminded them of their sad lives as housewives

i’ve been going out with my bestfriend for a fair bit of time (and we are going out soonish again to get my crocs) besides that i’ve been having pilates classes with ellen. my fat ass needs 4days, 30 minutes a day of cardio every week. i can live with that. i’ve been living with that

i bet suzzie’s been up in the gym just working on her fitness, though there’s no witness. get it? black eyed peas fergie?

oh shit, hannah just texted and my results are out on wednesday, 31st march. crap now im actually nervous. lets all pray that i did good. thanks


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