these things in my mind

this is a longish post, im warning you

hey mods, school needs to start quick- im bored to tears

anyways, im thinking of dyeing my hair mohagony brown or plum before school reopens. actually i have already decided that im going to redye the hair, so yeah. suggestions are appreciated

so im going to get the alice crocs, soonish before school starts, i promise. excited about that (thank you truckloads suriyati) oh and i actually got a guess wristlet in grey (fav colour)(thank you siti zubaihdah/syaurah/yazid) so we can all safely say that facebook hints works

time for a smooth transition

senior year all over again. now year 2, there’s bound to be major groupworks and all that jazz. put that aside, i think it’ll be pretty sweet. we are no longer newbies and now, we are the cream of the crops. sounds pretty sweet to me

groupworks- not looking forward to that (im this one man kind of band) but i’ve already decided- after a series of bad experiences- that im not just sticking to a group, the same group over and over again. this time, we all need to be exposed to different working type. and this time, it’s a competition. im going to make sure my group is elite

im going to be the boss. im going to be decisive, im going to speak up more often and over rule any stupid suggestions. time to shine like a fucking star

and if youre not happy with the changes, the world wont stop for you

as they say

if you got an issue, here’s a tissue

another smooth transition, love life

i did not expect anything more than mindless flirting from a mat tagged, so dont worry about me

it is non existent and im getting more stoic and hostile. im not one to played with and its about time i cut you off. who loves you? im tired

no, darling, love is not free when its with me. get a clue, maybe than you wont be so confused

there will be no more crying in the rain, im ready to lose touch

im done with this shit

you know mods, as much as i crave for a stable relationship, i could definitely live without it. for now. right now i just want my ass into a polytechnic (thanks for the motivation mug, luqman)


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