still yo baus (boss)

hey mods

part of my be a boss scheme, i woke up at 1PM. can you say laaaaaaaaaate?

anyways, tomorrow’s a party not to be missed. its like a sweet 16, but i am 18 😉 i’ll walk with a swagger and wear nsfw blood red lipstick and black raybans and walk around holding a menthol stick. and i got like dollar bills exploding from my pockets, im

Young and wild Pictures, Images and Photos

and yo baus

and my bestfriend (because even a boss needs a best friend) will be beside me trying to not make me piss myself if i got too drunk. on mountain dew. that shit is alchoholic im telling you now

and i just realized that boys are beautiful. i mean, more beautiful than us girls. they dont need make up to look flawless. and it annoys me

i ate a bagel today. not a donut. a bagel, cause im a baus. just an average day for da baus

if you need a suga mama, dont be shy homie, wait in line

and if you dont fancy me, you must have bat for the other team


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