writing the sadness away

hey mods

im aching to blog so bad but i just dont have anything interesting to blog about

probably going out with the bestfriend and her mom tomorrow night. it’ll be good i think. i hope so. atleast she’s not dragging me to malaysia. no offense, i just dont like to go there. really

so today mom got a job opening at bata so that’s good. i hope she gets the job and we’ll live a little easier

now im just doubtful about the relationship, seriously. i try to try to make it work but it isnt improving so i decide to give up before i get too attached

my biggest flaw: giving up on people too quickly

and i think its a good thing that im able to think rationally about this whole episode of my life. one door closes, and another window opens. because they say

life is all about window treatments

and i bet a lonesome, depressed person wrote that

i dont feel like going out anymore. i’m planning to stay in the house for the longest period of time, until school officially reopens


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