hey mods

so yesterday it was another bfff day out and i was so excited. i mean, it’s been a long time coming. i missed starbucks and photoboothing

at first we went to mcds because the bestfriend is hungry. and then to starbucks and beyond

she bought me a birthday cake slice ❤

apple crumble cheese cake &green tea frap = lahv

it was so sweet of her, i mean, really. in all honesty i didnt know she was going to celebrate the 18th with me. i thought it was just another starbucks session

i was so bloody happy. and we were one of those giggling teenagers

she wanted to feed me, i was like

and then i was like

and then she pulled out a nicely wrapped box with the wrapping paper i chose! she said it was for her mom and i totally didnt suspect anything

and she wrapped the box with so many layers of papers so its like i have to unwrap, get a note

and unwrap

and read the notes, by notes (its like p.s i love you kind of theory)

and eventually i ended up with a bunch of wrapping paper, and plus everyone was smiling at me because i have a bunch of wrapping papers on my lap. all over the table. but then i cleaned it up

and it wasn’t the birthday present. it was a joke. it was a nightgown in tiger preengs (print). idiot, but it was a laugh

and she gave me the real thing, an awesome tshirt. and its not wrapped. haha

and then we just had our cakes, and we talked, laughed and looked at people’s facebook profiles and laugh

it was thrilling, to say the least

and then 3 security idiots walked past us and was like ‘nice laptop’ *winks and i was like so stunned i just stared at him and he smiled creepily. annoying. and they decided to the walk-past-and-smile thing again. ew

so then nurul and i walked all the way to the river and there was some kind of kick boxing class there, like in the public. and we laughed at how unfortunate the 40s aunties look like, trying to keep up. unfortunate

walked all the way to central, nurul had a cup corn and while walking some malay dudes in a lorry horned at us for fun and i like looked at them so that sucks and they were like laughing. assholes

okay and walked all the way to peninsula and then took the train home

now on the train home, i decided to be nice and offered the elderly 50s uncle to take my seat and he said its okay and his friend, who was sitting beside me was like

“baek eh budak ni”
“this kid is nice”

i was like, i cant even

and then i was saying to nurul that i think my mom’s pissed and he said

“mak marah? balek lambat eh?”
“mom’s nagging? cause you’re late?”

like wtf? old man stop eavesdropping. rood

so then we started talking about people in the same cabin and i totally noticed this super cute in a geeky kind of way guy. and nurul was like “he’s ugly”

i swear i think he heard

but i was oblivious so i continued saying that i think he looks decent and kind of sort of definitely cute in my books

he dropped off at yishun too so i was like yes!

and i was smitten

and so i walked home alone in the dark, talking on the phone with nurul about how smitten-ed i was and talked all sorts of things about how cute i think he was until nurul threatened to hang up on me

so i reached a junction, still in a faze and i decided to just turn around and

THERE HE WAS, looking at me

and i did a 360 degree turn so sharp it was obvious but i couldn’t help it and wanted to strangle myself. i was so embarrassed i mean, really. sheesh y’all i was so bloody embarrassed

and i guess he was nice enough to not walk the same way although we were walking to the same place

and he lives in chiong pang or somewhere there


never in my life have i ever been smitten like this

i pray to see him again


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