march sucks

flu Pictures, Images and Photos

hey mods

here are some of the reasons why march is officially the worst month for me

first of all, even if it’s over, i had to deal with finals. i has to crack my head open, pour in some brain juice in, put the lid back on and shake it till i break it (until i understand shit) and after all that jazz, i realized that my 3.5GPA is no longer reachable. fml

i got food poisoning so i’ve been doing this for the last couple of days

vomit Pictures, Images and Photos

it resulted to me throwing up florescent yellow phlegm like substances continuously and shitting some gastric juices water type shit. 2 days later, my shit is like banana smoothie soft and yellow. fml

my wisdom tooth decides to start growing again, cause ulcers at the back of the inside of my mouth. fml

my boyfriend is annoying and needy and never fails to make- up a whole shit blown out of proportion drama series in his head, making it more complicated, about our petty fights. fml, this is what you get for wishing so much

18th march, no one’s coming. fml

i cannot eat solid food. i can only drink liquids and fluids until im fully recovered. fml

my brother got his 2nd iPhone i think and never fails to annoy me with his constant chant ‘i got an iphone, i got an iphone’, in my face. fml

my other family has decided to go away for awhile to port dickson (some malaysion region or some shit) and i couldnt come with. i really deserve a holiday. fml

and, lastly

flu Pictures, Images and Photos

i’m down with the flu

dad decides that the series of unfortunate events happens due to my ‘coming of age’. HAHA. funny dad, real funny

i should renew my health insurance


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