bored, sick &selfish

hey mods

i’ve been trying to do that

anyways, yes, the holidays are here and i have no fucking idea what to do now

oh and i have food poisoning. i dont know how many times i have shat or puked. i hate the feeling. it feels like someone with long fingernails is scrunching up my intestines and shooting gastric juices up my throat so that i puke semi phlegm like yellow translucent liquid

went to the doctor and waited for an hour for a 2 minute diagnosis. was pissed. shat and puked for like 12 times while waiting for my number

nemind, errything’s cool as long as im getting thinner. isnt it messed up how im trying to be her?

my asshole can beatbox, how gangsta is that bitches?

i miss my bestfriend like crazy and i want to go out of this house soonish. wearing all black in a world of colours. and red lips with grey contacts

and purple nails

am i dope enough to be in your books? fuck that book it doesnt deserve me

buy me spearmint listerine, thanks


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