internet whore

hey mods

sometimes i just want to stay in bed with my shoes on, just texting texting and texting
and today’s one of those days

so my birthday’s in a few days time. 6 more days till im officially legal and yeah yeah whatever, as if it’s going to make my life any different

accept that i have to now pay $1 extra to go to the gym. the idea just pisses me off. $5 for 2 days of gym. i rather use that money for some other useful shit. but i guess i have to sacrifies the allowance for hardcore sweating/ aching time at the gym. also oogling time if youknawhamsayin’

right now im just lazing around the house eating strawberries i got from shop n’ save. i didnt know it was open 24hours (you see, im more of a cold storage kinda girl)

tumblr is overhyped. shit now all tweens and hxc kids and art farts are gowna kill me for saying that.

here’s what i derive from your choice of blogsite

blogger people; i dont give a shit, im contempted with this website/or im just lazy to move so i’ll stick to the old school

livejournal people; Gossipgirls/ 90210/ Vampire Diaries kinda girls use livejournal. your argument is invalid

also, here’s my livejournal that i abandoned :

fuck what in hell is aipples?
aisyah + snapple
do the math. or english?

wordpress people; im a writer, take me seriously (THIS)

tumblr people; im so cool, im so dope, follow me, i’ll follow you damn fuckyeahimawesome!

im proud to be one of the wordpress people

of course im just kidding, moms. im just saying. that’s how i see it

and then there’s the networking sites

i got all of them btw
i’m well connected (and also a loser with no life now get out of ma face)


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