two down

i will find another to wear mickey mouse hats with me, better

hey mods

so today’s sve paper was bleah. neutral about that paper. just one more sickening paper to go and im done with finals

i saw omar. he has a very shiny face

then after that met up with azlin and suzzie&boyfriend. ate the nicest noodle evar- dry beef noodle at forks and spoon then head to the sky garden to smoke weed and study for the last paper

azlin and i kept singing to stupid viral videos. new found hobby

then suzzie and her boyfriend left us in the rain with nothing to do, back at yishun so we decided to just get wasted and smoke more weed. apparently drinking milo after so many weed sticks isnt the greatest idea because i got so fucking dizzy i could even sit straight

and azlin and i kept saying weird shit at the same time with the same tune
. awesomeballz

while walking home there’s this cute little baby angel with shades on walking with her hot ass daddy pointed at me and said

“there’s auntie!”
“no that’s not auntie, you see what the glasses did to you? that’s not auntie”

i had to smile at the cuteness, it was killing me. and the dad, so fine

“no no thats not your auntie”
“but she looks like auntie…”

cutie patootie

oh and the best part of the day was at the start. i took the bus to the mrt station and didn’t realize that the all time crush hafiz was in the same bus, waiting to be noticed. i only noticed when there’s only a stop left to my stop u_u

but nontheless, i was smittened


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