ohai, finals

hey mods. i look like this wasted piece of shit nowadays

cant sleep due to anxiety of finals at 8 30AM later. man i want to ace so bad. but i just dont give a flying hoot about Writing for Business. and im updating this at the ungodly hour of 4AM, listening to kanye fucking west

i hate when i blank out suddenly and i dont know what else to type

and the 18th is coming so im pretty excited about that. party no party who gives a shit. im too old to whine about a cake. i can get my own damn cake, no big. i just couldnt give a shit anymore

they just told me they’re going to ‘celebrate’ it on the 27th, like 9 days after my birthday. shut the fuck up, i wont even feel the thrill then. but dont tell my mom and dad

bitter little grandma i am

currently addicted to no sugar bitter assed japanese green tea, taste the health


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