passion pit

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i am loving passion pit ❤ (i had to express it through the less than 3 sign) LAHV LAHV LAHV

hey mods

so yesterday was an okay day at school, i was on the train i saw haziq

when i was in secondary 3, i had this tuition class and my classmates consisted of many students from other schools. haziq was one of them. let me tell you, haziq is the bald, funny guy who always annoys me and makes everyone smiles. he is the joker guy in class. and he isnt attractive

however yesterday, when i saw him, he completely changed. now he’s like a cool ass hot guy with an eyebrow piercing. and he kept looking at me and i kept looking at him. both of us were to much of a pussy to say hi. anyways, hi haziq!

school was alright i guess. yan xun likes to tease me with anything imaginable. like how he say i was hungry at 4AM in the morning. and how i got my ass served back to me on a sliver platter when he completed oven bake at one take. and clement, i can recognize you just by your wrists. like geisha

jx spat on my report. and apologized profusely after that. julie calls us the train gang (ma and azlin). i saw joel and i couldnt make eye contact and smile because i was too shy. lahv

and jun kiat decided to pierce his lips. ew ah bengzxz

saw azli and he waved and smiled and im like “azlin did you see how deep his dimple was omgwtfbbq?!?!” and she was like “yeah! omg cuteness” azli has the same case of teenage haziq syndrome.

grabbed the bubble tea and some random pie and hung out and talked shit

anyways did you guys try to do the SVE papers? i almost tore my hair out. then i decided to use the textbook. instant relief. this is scaring the shit out of me

plus this dood wants me to go all the way to clarq quay to watch a football match. hell to the no

i dont like soccer damn it


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