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hey mods, its another 3AM post

im listening to just another star- bullet for my valentine but my eyes are still half closed, yes, i am that tired

am up to do the report for lifeskills, trying to compile erry reflection from my very ‘co-operative’ team-mates. no, im not ever going to team up with you. guilty?

anyways, gym was hardcore today- cardio cardio cardio. did the treadmill most of the time at speed 7.5 because i cant handle a higher speed for continuous running/ jogging. the cycling thing- did it in intervals. and there’s my 2nd favourite machine, the one with the handlebars and the ‘ski’ type foot thing. i feel like megatron doing that shit. it works your calves and upperbody and it got me sweating so much i was drenched. thank god for dry-fit material. and there’s the other calve exercise machine, did 10 of that. took the weight at the end and from January to 23rd February 2010, lost a total of 12kg. i need to lose some more. hannah thinks im obsessed

my sister in law said “aisyah you look malnourished” and i’m like “no i dont” and she’s like “you dont look like you” “you look thinner” and i’m like “isn’t that a good thing?” no question asked after that. i think she’s concerned if i lost so much weight due to stress/ boys. wrong people, im doing this for me. and some boys

exam’s are in a weeks time and i am stressing out already (of course) but somehow i couldn’t find the ‘urge’ to sit down and read through my notes. i really need to study. will anyone be my study buddy?

plus exams = year2 graduation

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in other news, i hate it when a guy says “i’ll text you tomorrow/ i’ll call you tomorrow’ and never does/ take a long time to do it. dont they know that us girls are actually ‘waiting by the phone’ for your call? sheesh, hating you

it’s easy for me to hate someone but it’s not easy for me to like you. that’s why i give chances. it’s like i’m giving out ‘coupon chances’ and you guys use it and use it and use it until eventually it ran out and it ends up with me hating your ass. with passion

love, aisyah


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