tragic, solemn

so he’s going to graduate and im sad

and father’s motorcycle got knocked down by a car and he’s not home and mom’s going to go see him. i hope it’s just the motorcycle that’s blown into smithereens and not him. pray for my daddy

i need to take my mind off of things, im so stressed. first of all i ate youghart with the mixed nuts toppings at ION (yammi youghart) and a bowl of red dragon fruit. i. cannot. afford. to eat. nuts.

and the accident thing is tragic, think of all the expenses- can he afford all the replacements needed? cause it’s not cheap i’m telling you

and also i dont like this guy but i didnt turn him down in the first place because i thought ‘chances’ are suppose to be given so now im stuck and i dont know how to get out of it

i need my fix


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