i wont be 18 forever

help me, i dont want to be like her

hey mods

i need to lose another 10kg before my birthday, fo serious. but losing 20 kg in a span of 3 months isnt healthy right? read: i’m fat so its okay for me to do that. dont worry, everything’s cool as long as im getting thinner. then i shall make a comparison from january to march

honestly, i cannot wait for my birthday

the bestfriend plans to book a chalet to celebrate my birthday! zomgwtfbbq right? if the plan happens than it would be awsomeballz. we get to swim. in the swimming pool! whee!

the ever changing guest list:
Nurul (organizer)
Aisyah Noor (queen)
Azlin (kadir)
Aadila (wire rosak)
Atikah (haner jnr)
Elfira (fifiyana)

with all these bitches around i bet we will get washboard abs from all the laughing! i cannot wait

but if it doesnt happen then no sweat, we’ll just hang out, watch a movie or something. and starbucks.

  • what do i want this year? pretty straight cut
  • a new cellphone
  • iPod/mp3
  • make-up

  • cocktail rings from F21 (i want the owl ring)(i also want the owl necklace)
  • hannah’s getting me those lovelies!

that’s it. but of course i’ll also be happy if you text me or facebook me a happy birthday. it’s the thought that counts bb!

but to be honest i dont think it’ll be like how i hyoed it will be because MARCH = FINALS.

thank you education for not making me feel like a fucking fairy princess on my birthday. fml


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